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Accelerate Your Mobile Apps with Xamarin

Xamarin is a popular cross-platform mobile app development tool within the Microsoft ecosystem available open-source. It is also an integral part of Xamarin Visual Studio IDE utilizing C# with native compilation features, based on the .NET framework.

We at NexusLink leverage our expertise with Xamarin application development to unlock the potential of the tool to provide outstanding cross-platform apps and worthy enterprise mobility solutions. Our adroitness in developing solutions to evolving businesses with Xamarin’s inherent code reusability features and forms app development to develop simple, yet effective apps. Our apps are wholesomely designed with adaptability as the prime asset. Our stringent and thorough design and testing process, both for user interface and user experience across diverse devices and cloud configurations have helped our clients in more ways than one.


Our Offerings

Our Xamarin App development services utilize the best features and functions of the tool to develop highly efficient apps that fulfill varied requirements for web and mobile.

Xamarin Forms Development

Our creations through Xamarin forms development guarantee the balance of aesthetics with functionality and usability in every feature. We make optimum utilization of Xamarin.Forms toolkit to incorporate top-of-the-line functionality with high performance in every mobile app development with cross-platform compatible code and prototypes. We also focus on code reusability to build platform-agnostic user interfaces that are propelled through a single development environment.

Xamarin Desktop Development

Xamarin cross-platform development features allow our programmers to develop apps on PC or Mac, using Visual Studio, a complete integrated development environment (IDE). Xamarin iOS development is easily achieved through Visual Studio for Mac, which offers a rich, customized experience. Collaboration with other developers is made easy through seamless code sharing.

Xamarin Cross-Platform Application Development

Our Xamarin cross-platform developers can develop apps using Visual Studio under the IDE, for both iOS and Android apps, ensuring a custom experience propelled by seamless code sharing. Our Xamarin team develops native apps in C#, with efficiency and excellence, ensuring seamless and streamlined native functionality across multiple mobile platforms. We also utilize Xamarin to access device feature APIs for its inherent camera attributes, accelerometer, geolocation, and more, to ensure better access, functionality, and results.

Xamarin Technology stack:

  • Xamarin Forms
  • Android
  • iOS
  • MVVM
  • SQLight

Why Hire Xamarin App Developers from NexusLink?

NexusLink presents its expert team of Xamarin developers who bring their experience to the fore when developing Xamarin apps for varied businesses. Here’s why you should choose us:

  1. Leverage One Code for Multiple Platforms
    Since Xamarin includes a single class library and a compatible runtime for all mobile platforms, our team of engineers can leverage single codebase for apps on all platforms, saving on time and effort.
  2. Benefit from Swift Deployment Cycles
    With a single codebase shared across platforms, the app deployment cycles is faster than others, while meeting client requirements to the tee.
  3. Drive Reduced Costs
    Reduce development costs with the efficiency of our team along with the effort required for Xamarin apps with single codebase for all platforms.
  4. Streamlined API Integration
    Our Xamarin app developers can integrate user interface controls and feature-rich APIs seamlessly to make these features functional across platforms.
  5. Native User Experience
  6. Get the native experience for every mobile platform as our developers can make the best use of every platform feature to deliver an ideal user experience.

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