Why is WordPress powering nearly half of the web?


WordPress was once considered a simple and efficient system for content management. However, as per the records of WordPress.com and Net craft, this system is now overpowering almost 35% of the web. It makes it easier for web developers to develop a website, and it is more effective than most CMS systems. The numerous plugins and the user-friendly interface have made WordPress Development a versatile option, especially for web developers, website owners, and content creators. However, the popularity of WordPress does not stop here; there are a few more numbers added to its success. Let’s dig into it

  • 7% of the world’s most popular website utilizes WordPress
  • It has a market share of 60.8% in the CMS market
  • There are around 55,000+ plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory to work efficiently
  • Approximately 500+ sites are built on WordPress owing to its versatile nature.

There are a lot of competitors in the market, such as Shopify, Wix, Drupal, and many more, but WordPress has acquired its position on the top. Such is the fame of this platform that you will find various WordPress Development companies in India. Many of you must be curious to know why and how? It’s time to get an answer to it.

Features Behind the success of WordPress on the web

One of the significant reasons for the popularity of WordPress is its magnificent features. We have explored some of the features that would help you in better understanding this content management system

  1. Customize your plugins and themes
    WordPress provides a wide range of themes and plugins. You can even use specific plugins in combination or match different themes to enhance your website. You have a variety to choose from as per your choice and needs.
  2. Open-Source System
    Since WordPress is an open-source content management system, you can modify different things as per your needs as a user. Due to its easy-to-understand and straightforward operations, any website can be created quite easily on these platforms. There is a minimum hassle and maximum results.
  3. Secure to Use
    One of the significant factors that any website looks for in its content management system is safety and security. Your website will not be vulnerable to any wrong-doings as the system keeps itself updated in safety. Considering the various web crimes, having a high-end security system is a must, and WordPress fulfils this criterion.
  4. SEO Friendly 
    SEO is one of the most important factors when it comes to the ranking of content or a website. SEO-friendly articles always have a higher chance of ranking on the search engines. WordPress has made SEO a part of its features so that the users do not have to visit different websites to check the SEO score of their articles. It also has specific plugins, especially for Search Engine Optimization.
  5. It’s not just a blogging website; you can do more!
    When you explore the different plugins on WordPress, you will find that this platform is not just meant for content or blog publishing. These plugins can turn your website into almost anything you want. For instance, the WooCommerce plugin of WordPress has been considered as one of the exclusive plugins, especially for the eCommerce industry. It is used by almost 4.9% of the websites and has a user distribution of about 68%. No wonder it had powered over 28.19% of the online stores.

Why does WordPress have a dominant position on the web?

Covid-19 Pandemic has been a boost for WordPress. More and more businesses were switching to online modes, which required online sites. Even small businesses or startups have been opting for the online medium. They created their websites quite quickly with the help of the user-friendly features of this system. They could finally access a platform where a professional website could be created. WordPress has also proved cost-effective since it saved much of the amount spent on getting a new website done.

What can fuel the growth of WordPress on the web further?

The shift towards the eCommerce industry can be successful, considering the ongoing conditions. With businesses turning online, they would require websites to create awareness where WordPress can come into effect since it is the only economical platform and can accommodate any of the business sizes. It is essential to make WordPress efficient for the eCommerce industry and other prospects that can lead to its tremendous success.


If you know the technical world, then you would surely admire the outstanding yet straightforward features of WordPress. WordPress might be the best option for several website owners with its different features, themes, and plugins. Thus, the users are highly responsible for its nature of powering the web.

Now you have a good idea about the functioning of WordPress and how successful it has become in today’s world. There are a lot of companies that provide WordPress development services for your convenience.