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NexusLink follows a comprehensive digital product development process that propels a product idea from conceptualization to its market deployment and availability. We sort out the market requirements for the product, research thoroughly about the competition, and then define and design the solution that makes inroads in the market.

Our team of software product developers are adroit in developing a plethora of tech-based products and systems, outlining a product roadmap, and experts in releasing a minimum viable product (MVP) with efficiency.


Our Product Management & Development Hierarchy

NexusLink assigns product managers for every product being delivered through the system. The manager is completely responsible for product delivery, ensuring streamlined and seamless approach although the features are laid out for inputs and suggestions from the team too:

  • Conceptualization
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Rollout
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Product managers act strategic directors of product development involving the analysts, the cross-functional team, the development team, testers, and marketers. They communicate the goals and objectives for each product through the comprehensive product roadmap with deadlines assigned to each team. The manager oversees the team’s progress and ensures the deliverables are aligned with the timeline.

Our Software Product Development Process

Nexuslink manages the engagement, plan execution, the development while being focused on the goal. We integrate multiple teams leveraging agile methodology, working in tandem for testing, release, and more. We also scale up work streams to derive value as quickly as possible.

Here is our product development process that works well with our clients too:

Step 1: Ideas and plan
We brainstorm ideas and plan the product pooling in innovative ideas from diverse sources.

Step 2: Research extensively including the competition.
We research and validate ideas by reviewing and assessing similar offerings in the market

Step 3: Plan as per budget
We get the plan prepared pooling the right product elements, estimating budget, the intended market, and the pricing.

Step 4: Prototype the product
We develop prototypes that give a good idea about the end product through the wireframe, so that there is a clear structure in place for development.

Step 5: Design and Development
We get the designers to design the perfect user interface for the product, ensuring it is minimalist and easy on the eyes, while getting the development team into action.

Step 6: Deployment and Delivery
We create the finished product and get approvals to go to market, ensuring it is aligned with the market needs. Our delivery is seamless and streamlined for the entire process.


Our rational development process gets a framework planned that is developed iteratively with consistent verification and quality assessment with controlled changes.

Why you Should Choose NexusLink for Product Development

NexusLink is ahead of the curve in terms of product development with an experienced and expert team leading the way. Here is why you should choose us:

  1. Customer-Centric Development Process
    We design and present strategic product decisions keeping the intended customer at its core. We humanize our products to strike a balance between technology perspective, business goals, and customer interests, all the time.
  2. Scalable solutions
    We craft products that support consistent changes, ensuring that these solutions can evolve with time and market trends.
  3. Focused on bigger picture.
    Our engineers are experienced in crafting products, element by element, ensuring that they execute tasks accurately based on user goals, while understanding the bigger picture of the product itself.
  4. Lean Product Management
    Our product development approach is lean and mean always, helping our engineering team to enhance productivity with priority on value-based tasks.
  5. Test Driven Development
    We incorporate testing and validation right from the start of development process, combining unit test cases with the phases of development for squeaky-clean code.
  6. Consistent communication
    Our development cycle includes sprints wherein we notify the client with our progress with consistent communication and also weed out inconsistencies for the next sprint.


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