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Today’s digital era is advancing by leaps and bounds, and enterprises need to be aligned with the latest technologies to get an edge over competition. NexusLink has time and again, adhered to international standards in delivering consistent solutions, leveraging the best frameworks and platforms.

MEAN is an open-source, full-stack technology combining the might of MongoDB, Express.JS, AngularJS, and Node.JS for comprehensive JavaScript development. 


Inclusions of MEAN Stack

MONGODB for Secure Storage

The MongoDB database uses JSON documents for data representation for easy interpretation and compilation in the document-oriented database program.

EXPRESSJS for Efficient Web Programming

ExpressJS is an efficient web application framework that consists of effective and intuitive components that help users to develop dynamic websites and portals.

ANGULARJS for Ideal Front-end Programming

AngularJS is a popular frontend framework that structures the JavaScript code with modularity and extends the HTML vocabulary for the UI design.

NODEJS for Web Server Capabilities

NodeJS offers a JavaScript environment that is essential to build highly scalable websites, saving development time drastically.

Hire Mean Stack Developers

NexusLink aids its clients to develop intuitive web applications, based on JavaScript. It further uses the user-friendly framework to build a plethora of dynamic websites and interactive applications that can stand the test of time. The framework ensures a quick and systematic approach of creating rapid prototypes for all kinds of MEAN-based web applications.

  • Enable use of JavaScript.
    Leverage Node.js and its capability to use JavaScript on front end and back end effectively.
  • Address Security Issues
    With MongoDB and Node.js in the mix, developers can utilize the stack to address any kind of security concerns especially when your portal witnesses high traffic.
  • Modify data layers without issues.
    Leveraging the NoSQL feature from MongoDB, our team of developers can modify, adjust, and change data layer swiftly, without any hassles involved during migration.
  • Free and Robust
    Since MEAN is free and open source, our team of developers are able to develop dynamic and robust web applications for all needs.
  • Cloud capabilities
    Manage MongoDB deployment with its inherent cloud capabilities that ensure every development project can scale resources and save time and money.
  • Facilitate code-sharing.
    Code-sharing is quite seamless within Node.js and NPM (node package manager) thus saving on effort required to develop applications
  • Superlative Performance
    Node.js functions on a blazing fast architecture, and thus optimized to deliver the goods quickly while ensuring outstanding performance.
  • Ease and Flexibility
    Developing MEAN-based applications enables developers to write code that can be migrated to AngularJS seamlessly, making it quite flexible and easy.
  • Single-Page App Development
    Our team can develop single-page applications leveraging AngularJS capabilities ensuring they are simple to build, test, deploy, and maintain.

Benefits of Hiring MEAN stack Developers:

  • Builds robust, secure, and easily maintainable solutions.
  • Develops applications rapidly ensuring fast time-to-market.
  • 100% free and open source stacked solution for multiple uses.
  • Uses uniform language with low memory overheads.
  • No groundwork required with isomorphic code.
  • Organized, streamlined and seamless solution.
  • Simplified server layer and robust database

Leverage the full-stack strength of the MEAN STACK and our expertise in MEAN Development services. Additionally, save more than 50% in costs with our efficiency and effectiveness, guaranteed by our experts who also ensure on-time delivery, adherence to quality standards, and a transparent and streamlined agile development process.


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