Galitein Technologies Announces Merger as NexusLink Expands Frontiers


Galitein Technologies recently signed a definitive agreement to join NexusLink Services India Pvt. Ltd., the leading provider of software and technology services in Ahmedabad, India.

This strategic business merger helps NexusLink broaden its horizons and expand its frontiers, incorporating experiences and clients as part of its expansive journey. As the Galitein staff prepares itself for their next chapter in their 11-year history, NexusLink renews its promise to align goals and objectives that reiterate the combined ventures’ mission of providing excellent IT services to its clients.

I firmly believe this transaction will enable us to build on our accomplishments and reach new heights, while also providing new and unique growth opportunities for all our employees.

Here’s why the merger makes sense to both parties based on their discussions

  • Both shared the view that our team members, including our clients, are their strongest assets collectively.
  • Team strength will increase to 140 after the merger adding more expertise to portfolios.
  • Both mutually agree on their successful journeys having spent more than a decade in the field
  • Collective encouragement for future growth opportunities.
  • Not many changes in regular operations
  • Recognition of important roles played by Galitein team members and shared goals fuelling the future growth of the merged entity.

The companies now determine the best way to build on their combined strengths.

Next Steps: Business as Usual

As the two companies are coming together and sharing their resources and projects, NexusLink will have Galitein on board with a new ownership structure on the cards. The operations will remain similar to what it was earlier.

Both companies seek to continue their legacy of creating world-class platform solutions and fuel unprecedented growth collectively with shared energies and vision.

Since the founding of Galitein and NexusLink Services, both companies have never lost focus on integrity, trust and empowerment as being the prime factors to their success and growth. As Galitein seeks to evolve with the times, merging with NexusLink, the commitment and dedication to the clients, customers, and the community will remain the same.

About NexusLink

NexusLink offers effective and beautiful websites specializing in responsive web design, HTML5 & Mobile applications. The company enjoys a loyal client base, and most of its work centres around retainerships and repeat customers, without the need for advertising and promotions.

The company features comprehensive expertise for Web Design, Web Development, Native Mobile Application Development for iOS & Android, Software Application Development, Mobile Web Development, Graphics Design and Search Engine Optimization.

About Galitein Technologies

Galitein Technologies was founded in 2015 by Ravi Kotwani and now includes 25 experienced professionals adept in Symfony, Laravel, React, Node and other PHP frameworks. Galitein is ably managed by its founder as it reached its 12th year in the industry successfully.