HTML5, CSS3, Responsive design

Create your website using HTML5 and see the difference.

HTML5 will be the latest and new standard for web development process. NexusLink comprises the skills to work on HTML5 websites. Compared to the previous version of HTML, HTML5 is the best option for any kind of website you need. HTML5 is designed to deliver everything you need on your website without additional sources of plugins or web customization.

HTML5 is the successor of HTML 4.01 and truly supports CSS3

Responsive Web Design Capability

NexusLink recommends the support of HTML5 for your website which is truly amazing responsive web design or create your website as responsive to the mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android Mobiles, Android Tablets and millions of other devices. You can select from range of mobiles to desktops for your solution. In either landscape or portrait modes on devices, it supports fully.

Enhanced JavaScript Support

HTML5 supports the JavaScript in better way to provide the enhanced experience to the users of websites. JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, Knockout, JSON, Ext JS etc. are supported by HTML5.

Cross Browser Compliance

HTML5 is cross browser compatible with all the latest browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, IE10 & Above, Safari and Opera. It will save your lot of cost while the website is being developed. The older technologies had many issues for the cross browser compatibility and it was creating lot of issues for web developers and customers. HTML5 will make your life easy by providing optimized support for all the browsers.