Web Testing

Web Testing is the part of quality assurance process for any web application we deploy for the clients. Web testing is the necessary action which needs to be performed for your web applications before they go live and also after they go live in production.

Any website which needs customer interaction, it needs to be quality checked. If there are bugs on the website then it will definitely bother you much after the site is live. So better then go live without testing, at least one round of quality assurance check is required. Web testing is performed for all typed of website for UI Testing, Graphics Quality Testing, Application performance testing, and general check-ups for any missed functionality of the core requirement etc. The major website categories which needs more attention in testing are ecommerce websites, business portals, Responsive websites, APIs and UI Testing.

Our QA team always performs the quality assurance check for any website we deploy into the client’s server. We always take care about any small bugs we find during our check. After the site goes into production and the bugs are generated, it will be really expensive and annoying thing for any customer.

If you want to hire a dedicated QA team please click here.