UI Testing

Graphical user interface is generally the look and feel of any application. The GUI or UI testing is performed to test the graphical user interface of the application and whether it meets the written requirements or not. The test cases can be created and executed with various steps to perform this type of testing.

GUI is connected from the applications to the end users where people will actually use the system according to the interface of the application. If the user interface is user friendly then it gives huge benefits to the customers and other way to the application owners because people always like to use the applications which are user friendly and not complicated.

UI testing can be performed for any kind of web applications, mobile applications, softwares, web components, graphics etc. Before to start testing on the GUI the requirements should be mapped and based on that the testing should be carried out. If the application is not built according to the written requirements from the clients then there is a problem and that area should be modified to make it complete.

There are few things which really matters for GUI testing. Now-a-days every website if built for any browser and they are not being built for any single browser. Also people now a days use their choice of browsers and they always access your applications through that piece of softwares. So the companies should always take care about all the browsers and the applications should be cross browser compatible to make it a huge success. The testing should be carried out for any kind of browser available and ensure that any of the browser the application does not lack for its user interface.

Responsive GUI testing is carried out for different devices like iPhones, Android Tablets, iPads, Few other versions of mobiles and different set of mobile browsers like Chrome, Opera and default internet browsers of popular mobile handsets. The applications are being tested on these devices for making sure that they are having the right kind of user interface for people. Any of the area should not lack behind in any device.

There are various other activities included in the GUI testing for ensuring best experience of your applications to the customers.

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