Performance Testing

We offer comprehensive performance testing services. We help you in any step of a testing project. Performance testing is much faster compared to the manual testing for any project.

It gives you reliable option for complicated applications which needs to be checked multiple times and with accurate results. There are various tools available for performance testing which gives you benefits according to your selection of tools. Each tool has their pros and cons and also the cost is really matter while choosing the tool for testing services.

There are various types of testing involved in performance testing services:

Load Testing

This test in conducted for checking the behaviour of the application under required expected load. We check that the application is built for the load which is required and it does not behave indifferent while the maximum load is reached. Load here is the number of concurrent users who performs the various activities on the website.

Stress Testing

Stress testing is basically type of load testing but the difference here is we go beyond the capacity load of the application. For example the application is built for accepting the load of 100 users at a time and we test the application for 200 users. So here the application will take stress and we will check the performance how it behaves.

Soak Testing

This type of testing is carried out for checking if the system can sustain the continues expected load. Memory utilization is monitored under this testing. Mainly the performance degradation is tested for continues load. Here we can check after long time of continues load how the application performs.

Spike Testing

This is the testing type which involves sudden increase in the number of users who generate load to the application. Here we check about how the application behaves and what type of drastic change can be seen on the application performance.

Configuration Testing

Rather than testing the load of the application, tests are created for checking the performance after the configuration changes in the application.

Isolation Testing

It involves the isolated testing of the application after repeat or multiple tests. In this type of testing we check for the problem areas which was generated due to repeating of the test execution.