Mobile App Testing

Mobile Application testing process is carried out for hand held devices to check the functionality, usability and consistency of the applications available in various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry mobiles.

The testing can be performed for Functionality, Usability, Performance, Installation, GUI, Cross Platform compatibility. The mobile apps are increasing day by day to all the respective stores on giants companies like Apple, Google, Windows, Nokia and Blackberry. The needs for testing of the applications are also increasing day by day. The clients or customers should bear a big loss if the developed application does not perform well or the bugs arise.

Better to test the application during every stage of development life cycle. It gives assurance about the success of the application. If you can check the graphs of any application store then you would be able to get the idea about how the application can be successful with right kind of testing it has passed. Also you should be aware that the testing can’t assure you about the profit from the applications but if the applications are 99% bug free then there are high chances for being it stable in the market if they are having unique functionality which people likes the most.

We have talked about the general applications but if your company wants to develop some application which is related to your personal business then this becomes real sensitive for any company to make the perfect application which does not shows wrong results at any point of time or it does not become unstable.

All in all Mobile App testing is really important process because any company would not like to launch the application which crashes every time.

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