Manual Testing

Independent eyes are testing your application is the best way to ensure the quality. No matter how skilled you application developers are, Errors will be missed. Here we come in.

Our team has best experience in all the areas of manual testing. From analysis to deployment of the applications, the QA are involved to make sure the product we are developing is on right way. Manual testing is time consuming process but it makes you assure about the application quality. Developers develop the modules and they are not really concerned about the integration part. Manual testing will provide you complete peace of mind for the quality of your application.

There are various process involved in the manual testing process:

  • Based on the prototypes or use cases test cases are generated
  • After development the test cases are executed on the application
  • The errors should be reported with steps to follow and the proof of the errors how it was generated.
  • After the errors are resolved, the testing process is carried out for another round to make sure that the errors have been fixed.
  • If the errors are not fixed then the reports need to be sent to the developers again for re-verification of the errors.
  • Meanwhile the regression testing also needs to be done for checking that the fixing of errors did not affect the original functionality of the application for surrounding areas.

Manual testing is the best and only choice for getting 99% bug free solutions.

To have the error in your application cost you very much compared to spending on the manual testing expenses.

Manual testing can be carried out for CMS websites, ecommerce websites, mobile applications, Graphics, UI Design etc.

If you want to hire a dedicated QA for manual testing, please click here