Quality Assurance

Any product or software or any other kind of application is never built up overnight. It requires a lot of preplanning, assessment and examining to be able to come up with a preliminary stage. It could be done for anything, even all the products in the market also go through quality assurance to make sure the products are made according to valid objectives. However, once products, services, software or any application are sent out to the market, they are already done and it is up to the clients on how to be pleased with that as they demanded.

Here we talk about the quality assurance bit different. Aside from providing good products, top quality assurance or simply known as QA follows a set protocols that are globally recognized. By using these protocols clients are confident for the applications or software they are using is designed according to their requirements and every level of database integration follows the same.

Aside from common objectives from QA team, The IT companies have provided their concept as on how to evaluate an excellent application or software. Following are the major formats how quality assurance can take place or companies can measure the efficiency of the software, application or the product.

Manual Testing

As the word indicates, it is a process of testing any developed software, application or web services for defects. Key role of tester looks after the correct behavior of software as per the standards and client requirements.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing can be conducted across the web, and even done in different parts, since it is known that the reaction periods of the World Wide Web itself differ. It is crucial to details Performance Test (requirements) and papers them in any test plan. Preferably, this is done during the requirements development stage prior to any design attempt.

Web Testing

The part of the Web testing is to create the testing systems, outreach actions and security components for testing Web technological innovation. Initiatives have been effective in previous times but the occurrence of the Web platform is improving the needs to make sure better synchronization and interoperability between Web technological innovations.

Mobile App Testing

The mobile app testing plays a vital role. It ensures the quality of your mobile phone applications and sites on real device and service network. It simplifies your testing process and helps you provide great mobile experience.

UI Testing

Mobile users face the design factor. Prototyping resources such as Balsamiq, Axure and Fireworks allow developing wire frames and click-dummies, assisting to describe the focused user experience with attractive user interface.

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