Open Source CMS

There is lots of Open Source CMS (Content management System) available. So it is difficult to find what CMS is the best to use. Below is the most known and used Content Management System nowadays.

WordPress – WordPress is one of the most well-known open source blogging platforms that can be used as a CMS.  With the help of plug-ins and some remodeling of the rule you can convert your blog or site into a very highly effective CMS.

Joomla – It is an award-winning CMS, which allows you to build websites and highly effective online applications.  It is used all over the world to boost up websites of all styles and sizes. Joomla is a platform where you can create websites from business websites to E-commerce websites and is even used in various Govt applications.

Magento – It is an open-source e-Commerce solution providing unmatched flexibility and management. Magento is amazing; it functions fresh URL and SEO from the start. Everything is developed in a fresh and simple way. Magento also features: Endless versatility, absolutely scalable structure, Expert and community support, smooth Integration with 3rd party applications.

Drupal – Drupal, written in PHP and SQL is an open source CMS platform with all the primary functions but it also has the capability to have collaborative publishing environment, Forum boards, Peer-to-peer social media and networking, Newsletters and updates, Podcasting, and Image galleries.

OpenCart – It is an open source PHP based shopping cart system. OpenCart is easy to use and is Search Engine Optimization enhanced with a very nice interface. The good feature of OpenCart is that clients and users can give their own opinions of the products.

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