ASP.Net MVC Applications MVC is cutting edge technology launched by Microsoft and most reliable framework for web development.

We have experts in MVC applications with good resources with MVC hands on experience. We have good expertise on MVC with all versions (MVC 3.0, MVC 4.0, and MVC 5.0) MVC has totally lose coupling of the model and view so that is the key benefits on the development, so that will increase the development efficiency, scalability and of course decrease maintainability. MVC has one key benefits which is supported HTML5 development so mobile supported web site is the key benefits of this with responsive design. Also MVC work with entity framework so that will reduce the development efforts on data access layer and data modelling.

NexusLink services has executed many project in MVC with most of the mobile supported sites. Below are the expertise of NexusLink services in MVC.

  • MVC, Razor view engine with cshtml and aspx pages
  • Entity framework
  • Web API
  • Work with repository patterns on top of the entity framework
  • Expertise in Telerik and Devexperess control integration
  • Good expertise in Kendo UI with MVC extensions
  • Social media integration ((Facebook API integration, twitter API integration, LinkedIn API integration, Instagram API integration, google API integration, YouTube API integration)


We highly recommend for MVC development as below are the key benefits for this.

  • Enable full control over the rendered HTML
  • Rest full URL that helps to Search Engine Optimization
  • Good support for HTML5 with responsive development
  • Good performance as no viewstate and post back events
  • Architecture wise good structure that enable increase the development efficiency with model, view and controller architecture.
  • Full HTML control so that really help developer to make any customization on any html support.