ASP.Net Applications

NexusLink Services is having a good expertise development team for Microsoft ASP.Net Technology with use of Microsoft development tools such as Visual Studio 2005,2008,2010,2012 and 2013.

ASP.Net website development and ASP.Net Applications is most reliable technology which framework supported by Microsoft. As key benefits of the development is .net framework is supported many of the platform like, web services, window services, MSMO, MS SQL server so that will be really benefit to any cross platform application collaboration.

We have recently developed many project in with various domains as mentioned below:

  • Social network
  • Content management system
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Infrastructure management
  • Event management
  • Photography gallery management
  • Employee management system
  • Life science

Below are our expertise in ASP.NET

  • Strong knowledge and experience on various technologies and tools like ASP.NET with very latest product of Microsoft is VS 2013
  • Good hands on experience in c# and languages
  • MVP and MVC architecture
  • Experience on window services, web services, WCF
  • Cloud server experience on Azure and Amazon server
  • HTML5 with responsive design
  • Expertise in telerik and devexperess control integration
  • Social media integration (Facebook API integration, twitter API integration, LinkedIn API integration, Instagram API integration, google API integration, YouTube API integration)

Our team is certified with MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) and MCPD (Microsoft certified professional development) which shows the proof of knowledge & expertise in Microsoft technology.

Why should use ASP.Net Technology? development offers the following key benefits:

  • Fast development
  • Crash shielding and memory leak
  • Many language support
  • Support other development areas such as web services, window services, window application, window communication foundation etc.
  • Supported fully OOPS concept with n-tire architecture.
  • More reliable because Microsoft community does provide good support