Web Maintenance Contract

We believe website development is not one time activity and it can be defined as lifelong commitments. Once we create the fresh website then we also think about its future and its upgrades. Without future updates the site will not be up to date with latest technologies and features. Also most of the clients find it very difficult to cover all the aspects in its first version ever.

Here our reliable, trustworthy and dedicated web maintenance activities come into the picture. We provide industry best solutions for your website upgrades. For your websites, we provide best plans for maintenance in which you get full support during the web and mobile upgrades.

There are basically two types of plans we offer for website maintenance. Fixed Monthly contract or hourly contract. In fixed monthly contract we decide on fix cost per month or per week. For this duration we work on the maintenance program for your website. For hourly package we need to decide on how much hours you need per week and based on that we define the maximum weekly hours.

We keep your websites fresh all the time with latest things implemented for you. This is why maintenance contract is necessary for any website. You may not be able to spend much time for your website maintenance but NexusLink will. We will send you regular updates during the maintenance to ensure that we are going on right track.

Web Maintenance Contract includes the following services:

  • Monitoring the current website for issues
  • Keep the website fresh and defect free
  • Updating the contents provided by you.
  • Suggesting the new ideas for your website
  • Dedicated team allocated for your project
  • Give high priority to the websites under maintenance contracts