Server Migration

Server migration is usual activates in software development life cycle where application is on production mode or staging mode. NexusLink Services team has good expertise in server migration process on any production or staging environment. In general below are the scenario when server migration required.

  • Data size is more and server is not supported so need to migrate server
  • Technology upgrade, when adopt any new technology and current server is not supported then move to migrate server
  • Move from staging to production and required to new server, then migration is required
  • Any business contract with service provider, then we need to do server migration
  • Server request traffic is more and server bandwidth is not sufficient

Why NexusLink is expertise in server migration.

  • Regularly monitor server usage and traffic and suggest good time for server migration
  • Quickly and fast response in migration process
  • Very good ground planning form current system like, all kinds of backups and required notifications to end user and customers before start migration
  • Provide 27×7 support for few days after server migration
  • All level of expertise team available with NexusLink services have like web server migration, database and file server migration
  • NexusLink services has expertise in Window server 2003, 2008 and 2012 and Linux
  • Email server migration with SMTP configuration
  • After migration our team is continuous monitor system with below aspects
    • Database log
    • Web server log
    • Request traffic log
    • Any error monitoring
    • Email server monitoring
    • Window services or scheduling service log monitor (if required)
    • Window even log monitor (if dedicated server)