Performance Monitoring

NexusLink Services has good expertise in database monitoring and migration for any server upgrade or version migration. NexusLink services has good database migration from below key points.

  • Structure migration
  • Data migration from one server to another with various ways
  • SSIS packages migration
  • SQL jobs and trigger migration
  • Migration on window Azure
  • Migration via SQL Database Migration Wizards
  • Automated backup process via weekly, daily or monthly data maintains

Also our expertise team is involved in database performance monitoring job as well. Our database administrator (DBA) will analyse full database structure and data and timely monitor and give his feedback while application design and any running application on production mode.

  • Monitor data structure with indexing verification
  • Check database performance by SQL profiler
  • Check data lock and database performance
  • Verify the long running SQL query and store procedure and suggest to get data faster
  • Monitor the automated SQL jobs and trigger about executed proper or any failure
  • Verify the backup process
  • Manage database cluster mode in database failure case

NexusLink Services is expertise in MS SQL database with any version, My SQL and Oracle.